Tiny House from afar showing the deck down, loft up and the nice setting with bushes and trees
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What is your Dream?

 This was mine. 

It became the tiny house machine. 
What do you want in a home for you?  Please contact us!

Tiny By Design USA, Inc

 A custom home designed for you and shaped by your dreams will enfold you
for a broad, rich experience in tiny living.

A Bit About Us

With a total of 85 years of combined, construction experience
the two originators, James and Peter, have a clear understanding
of the design/build process.  We choose to concentrate on
innovative  design, personally tailored to each owner's needs,
modelled to their budget, mobility needs, ecological sophistication,
and to their level of commitment to "the tiny life style". 

At root is our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. 
For the new owner, in choosing a tiny living life style may be
the most important factor in deciding what and how big to build
your tiny home.  Will it be a mobile or fixed foundation,
a "travel trailer", a mobile home, an "RV" or a prefabricated home? 
If you don't know yet, we have a lot to talk about. 
We can offer some reading materials, and possibly offer a visit to
The Band Wagon to experience a controlled, yet spacious interior. 

Storage concerns are real concerns in a tiny house,
and reducing one's possessions to fit a tiny house is also
a pragmatic decision. What we offer is some coaching
about living tiny, too.  We will not give up in finding
the right solution for your new home...  that is our job.

With over 50 years as a registered architect, now retired, 
James is trained to help you determine what can be designed
to meet your needs and budget.  Quality workmanship
is the norm for Peter, so that there is no hint of
living in "a trailer".  Nothing flimsy about our product. 
For that reason, we build with ICS-SIPS for their rigidity,
structural strength and building stiffness, 
and rapidity of assembly and manufacture. 
See their products at ICS-RM.com

Please call or email for further information !   970-221-5500
  1. Picture of the Rear Right Corner View of the tiny house known as The Band Wagon. Showing the Deck and French Doors as well as the windows and side door.
  2. Image of the tiny house know as the Band Wagon. View of the Side Door an Windows
  3. "Side View of Tiny House" "Showing Windows Open"
  4. "Side View of Tiny House" "Showing Windows and  Woodwork"
  5. "Inside View of Tiny House" "View of Loft, Kitchen and Front Room"
  6. "Inside View of Tiny House" "Showing Windows and Ceiling Fan"
  7. "Inside View of Tiny House" "Showing Couch and French Doors"
  8. "Kitchen View of Tiny House" "Showing Stove, Counter, and Sink"
  9. Picture of the origianal drawing of the the tiny house know as The Band Wagon
Living Very Well
Living Very Well for a reasonable price!
Beautiful Accommodations
Full Size Queen Bed In The Loft!
Raised 10" above loft floor for under bed Clothes Storage of a Large Dresser
Full Size Bed in the Loft all made up with blanket and pillows
      Fixed foundation or Wheels
      Structural Insulated Panels
           (SIPS) by ICS-RM.com
      Roofing materials
     Trim, siding finishes
     Windows, Doors
     Space allocation
     Storage requirements
          (clothing, coats, shoes/boots,
            tools, electronics, books, misc.,
           mechanical/repair access.)
     Sleeping requirements
     System Selections
           Fresh water supply
           Grey water storage
           Black water system or
           Composting Waste System
           Electrical System
                Solar/battery storage, inverter
                Lighting System (12V vs 120V)
     Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning
     Decks, steps, stairs, ramps, 
     Mechanical Space
     Utility storage (Jacks, spare tire, etc.)

Jim says, "My need in building this for my wife
and myself was to avoid crawling on my knees
in the loft  to make the bed.  The added height
of the pop-up roof allows a ten inch vertical
space for storage under the bed and full
standing height loft. We have 6'-8" clear
in the kitchen under the loft and
7'-0" at the peak of the loft. 

I'm 6'-0" and I have that full height
at the edge of the queen size bed. 
The added space in the loft allows for
a "get away space" in the 18' trailer length. 
It's my reading room, and is remarkably quiet." 
Square footage:  144 sq. ft. on main floor and
a very usable 72 sq. ft. on the upper level (loft).
The fold-down deck adds 49 sq. ft. exterior patio.
                        Design/Build Process  
We sketch up the ideas that meet your needs, identify the parts we will build and what we'll buy,
as we develop the design further, we will fit those parts into design development drawing.

At the point where design development drawings are approved by you with an estimate of value,
a second payment will allow the purchase of trailer to be used as the building foundation. 

With the trailer in hand, drawings can be developed for the building shell,
location of electrical conduit, switches and outlet  boxes locations
and structural reinforcement to be buried in the structural insulated panel system (SIPS).
With this information in hand, shop drawings may be commenced for the SIPS manufature.

During the manufacture of the SIPS, and as the overall design is finalized into drawings
of construction quality, the owner will be asked to approve the drawings,
the design and authorize expenditures for the purchase of materials
and equipment to be used exclusively for the construction of their home.

When the design has settled and can be approved by the owner, we can begin
to procure the materials and equipment and to start building the parts,
stairs, enclosures, furniture and cabinets in accordance with the plans developed.
Final placement and construction of the parts is critically dependent upon the actual
equipment dimensons, leaving space for the purchased items to fit into the plan.
Owner's participation is invited, and is required for a successful process.
All planning can be done on the computer at a distance,
if communication is good and one's understanding of the drawings are good.
People who have visited The Band Wagon are surprised at how it feels. 
Sketches are good, but visiting the space created is better, in this collaborative process.

Living Well -a Hint of Luxury
View of the Tiny House from the front showing the loft up and windows

It is the quality of craftsmanship & selection and careful installation of
quality materials that contribute to the "Luxury" of the space.  The Band Wagon is finished with beautiful Red Oak, Birch, and some finished construction grade Fir. 
The combination and inventions in the
trim and finishes that lend a feeling
of real quality to the space. 

Living Well - a Hint of Luxury
Picture of the Interior of the Tiny Home showing the Kitchen and Counter
We have custom built the Sofa/Bed
covering it with cowhide, chosen for its richness, texture, quality and cleanability.  The double bed will be used extensively
by my partner who is in a wheelchair and suffers from dementia.  A 24" wheel chair
can move through The Band Wagon and
is accommodated in a roll-in shower,
adjacent to the stove.  Portable Shoji
screens are used for privacy in toileting
and bathing.  We can design for your needs.

Sunlight Shining through trees onto the the Tiny House
Turn Your Dream into Reality
We'd like to hear your story.  Please, initiate a dialogue about your Living Tiny Dreams,  We are easy to talk to and need your views about what we do.  Our goal is to help you realize your dreams, and avoid potential nightmares.  We think we can do that.  Our emphasis is to consider value of every thing going into your tiny house so that it becomes your tiny home.  It's  a high quality approach and life style for nearly any budget...  Jim B.
What is your Dream?
Please tell us your story, your dream about living small and how you'd like to do that.  How do you see us helping you?  Or, just say hello.  Thank you!
Your story:
Let's Get on the Road with this BIG IDEA!
No time like this very moment to start your project, and to put the ideas in motion that you have been thinking about!  It won't cost you anything to start the discussion and see what the possibilities are for your future home!  Leave us a message above, or give us a call!

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